A Girl's Guide to Being Friends With Girls

(This column originally appeared on Buzznet.com on January 27, 2012.  It has been reposted here with some changes.)

What do you consider “promiscuous?”

By that, I mean, at what point does a girl go from having a normal amount of sex to being promiscuous?  What number qualifies her for that title?

Guess what: there is no answer to that question.  Oh, there might be a personal definition that differs from person to person, but there’s nothing universal.  Some people might think 10 or more people makes you promiscuous.  Some might think it’s more than 2.  And there’s some people that are going to say if you have sex with anyone before you’re married, you’re promiscuous.

Makes it a little confusing, huh?

So then, why the hell does the world teach us girls to attack each other (and sometimes ourselves) over our perceptions of promiscuity?

I don’t know,  But I know it sucks.

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