A Girl's Guide to Being Friends With Girls

(This column originally appeared on Buzznet.com on January 13, 2012.  It has been reposted here with some changes.)

Sorry for the lateness of this week’s column, folks.  Was trying to figure out how to approach a topic, then decided to put that topic off for a little while.  And instead I’m going to talk about you.

“But Ashly,” you say, “isn’t this a column about friendship and repairing the social misconceptions about female friendship?”

Yes, it is.

“But Ashly,” you say again, “are you about to tell me that I have to change myself and my likes/interests in order to make friends and become popular?”

Nope.  The goal of this column has nothing to do with getting friends or some ridiculous idea of popularity.  Heck, sometimes it’s not even going to be about actually being FRIENDS with other girls so much as it is going to be about bucking the trend of girls hating girls because they’re girls and fighting against a lot of the institutionalized social ideas we have about being girls.

And guess what?  One of the things involved in that is being friends with yourself.

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(This column originally appeared on Buzznet.com on November 30, 2011.  It has been reposted here with some slight changes)

“I don’t want to be friends with other girls, they’re all catty, stuck-up bitches.”

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this or seen it online, I would never need to work another day in my life. It’s a scarily common sentiment with a lot of upsetting ideas.

Maybe it’s ridiculous to assume people need a guide to being friends with each other.  But the more and more I see of what I like to call “Toxic Girl Hate” or girls hating other girls BECAUSE they are girls/because they’re told they shouldn’t want to be friends with other girls, the more I feel like punching something.  The whole idea is pure crap.

So, I figured, hey, maybe the way to fight back against that kind of stuff is to write something a little more positive.  Because, hey, maybe in a world rife with bullying, relationships that occur solely over the Internet and being constantly buried in media, maybe we do need a guide to friendship.

Hence: A Girl’s Guide To Being Friends With Girls.

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